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Chart 12

The Dodging i Chart

This chart introduces use of the letter i in a manner different from the normal use in its short and long forms, as explained in the Donkey Chart.

In these words, such as radio and companion, it is sounded more like the long vowel e, hence the name Dodging i.

remedial reading and writing

This chart is not only useful for mastery of the reading and spelling of this group of words but also for vocabulary building - e.g. junior/senior, convenient/inconvenient.

See The Manual for full details of the proper use of this chart.

Once word attack skills have been well established it is important for the meanings of words to be learned. Only then can effective reading skills be established.

"Barking at print" is of no value at all as the written word is essentially there to convey a message.

Activities using antonyms and synonyms based on words from the Duffy Charts are recommended.

Thirty worksheets based on the charts are included in The Manual.

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